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Date: April 4, 1999


Written by:

        I WAS       Neal McCoy

Intro chords  G C F

G                  C                 F

I drove up from a river town It was late September early October

G                       C               F                    G

Thought maybe I could clear my mind And see the leaves turn red

G                  C 

Tunes up and the window down 


On a skyline drive when she flagged me over

G                       C

Hal-lei-lu-jah what a beautiful morning 

          F                    G

Were the first words that she said

A              E           F                G

Her eyes were blue as the sky on a perfect blue ridge day

A                 E         F                   G

She said I could use a lift if you're going my way


       A           D                  E

And I was, I was headed south I was headed out 

A                               D        E

headed nowhere or anywhere we wanted to go

     F#m            G              F#m

The road stretched out in front of us

          D               E          A

She was ready to run it just like I was

G                C            F

Told me she was 22 She just broken out of William and Mary

G                          C               F            G  

Another summer under her daddy's roof was all she could do

G              C                 F

Her boyfriend she cut him loose too cold for a wedding in January

 G                 C                  F            G      

She said that's enough about me now tell me about you

A         E           F                 G   

I rambled on about broken hearts and stayed too long

A              E             F            G

She said I'm sorry you were right to move on

Chorus, lead,

A               E      F                    G

Ain't it funny how everything hinges on a twist of fate

A             E             F           G            

She held my hand and said aren't you amazed? 

chorus,   Oh Oh


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