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From:  asf@pon.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997
Subject: I'm Already Gond  by the Eagles
Album: Their Greatest Hits
Written by: J. Tempchin/R. Strandlund

                I'M ALREADY GONE        Eagles

Well I heard some people talking just the other day 

And they said you were gonna put me on the shelve

Let me tell you I've got some news for you and you'll soon find out it's true

And then you'll have to eat your lunch all by yourself.


Cause I'm already gone  and I'm feeling strong  I will  sing this victory song 

 oooh  oooh  my my ooh

The letter that you wrote me made me stop and wonder why

But I  guress you felt like you had to get things tirhgt  Just remember this my man 

When you look up in the sky you could see the stars and still not see the light

chorus  lead

Well I know it wasn't you who helped me down

Heaven knows it wasn't you who set me free 

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains 

and we never even know we had the key  

Me I'n already gone and I'm feeling strong I will sing my victory song  oooh