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The basic rules

1.Your site must be guitar related.

2. No artificial generating of hits. (excessive abuse will result in account being deleted)

3.You may link to top acoustic guitar sites in anyway you wish.With text a banner or create your own.

4. Banners can be no more then 468x60. I f  your banner is larger then this then it will be resized. (this is so that the hits sent in are visible with out scrolling sideways)

5. Only one listing per site period.If you have more then one listing with the same url or banner one of the accounts will be deleted.

6. Sites are ranked by total hits sent in and the list is reset about every two weeks.

Suggestions to improve your sites ranking:

1. Put the link in as many places as possible on your site for maximum exposure and votes.

2.Use a variety of banners by clicking here (get banners)

3.Vote for your site daily.By clicking the link or banners on your pages.(this is allowed)