Tuning using harmonics

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 To tune your guitar using harmonics you will first have to know how to play a harmonic.If you do not already know how click here to learn how.Other wise scroll down to get started.
This is color coded as you can see.I have chose to use an open string to tune the G and B strings as this is what I find to be easiest.If you are desperately wanting to use nothing but harmonics just ask and I will send you the info.In my opinion this is the easiest way to tune  by ear.Including the open strings used.

Step1-5th fret E string to the 7th fret A string.

Step2-5th fret A string to the 7th fret D string.

Step3-5th fret D string to the 7th fret G string

Step4-For this we use open strings The G string is fretted on the 4th fret and the B string is left open.Just like you were tuning with out harmonics.(If you must you can tune these two strings with harmonics by tuning the first string  12th fret harmonic to the 6th string on the 12th fret  harmonic then tuning the 2nd string to the first string by playing the 1st string harmonic on the 7th fret and the 2nd(B) string harmonic on the 5th fret and adjusting the 2nd string(B).

Step5-5th fret (B)string harmonic to the 7th fret 1st string (E) harmonic.