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Intro to scales

 There are a few things that we should know before
we start thinking of scales. Nothing to intense 
only the absolute gotta know's of it.There are 
eight notes in An octave. An octave being  
from the beginning note of one octave to the 
beginning note of the next octave. For example if 
you look at the fret board on the guitar and pick 
one string you will notice that the open note is 
the same note that is on the twelfth fret.The twelfth 
fret is the point that everything is repeated.The 
note on the 12 fret is the last note in the octave 
and the first note of the new octave.
  What makes a scale a scale. Well a scale is a 
series of notes that gets you from the beginning 
of one octave to the beginning of the next octave.
Kinda like a bunch of stones in a river that you use 
to get from one side to the other. But some of those rocks are to slippery 
to use so you can only use certain stones.(excuse the metaphor).The river 
being the octave you must get across. The notes of the scale being your 
stones.How do you know which stones to use? To answer that we have to get 
into the meat of the matter.So move on to the step pattern section or
the finger pattern section.