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Major scale

 This step pattern is the key thing to remember for the major
step/step/halfstep/step/step/step/halfstep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
7 steps total.You start on the first note of the scale you are playing. In this case the C on the 8th fret sixth string. e:----------------------------| (The letters are the notes you are B:----------------------------| playing)This is the scale of C major. G:----------------------------| If you continue on with the same step D:-------------------7a-9b-10c| pattern then you would still be playing A:---------7e-8f-10g----------| the scale of C major it would just be in E:--8c-10d--------------------| a higher octave.You can do this any where on the fret board that you can find a C to start on. If you want to play the scale in another key just start on the first note of that key and follow the step pattern.Once you figure the scale out you can start any where in the scale as long as the notes are all the same as they are when you use the step pattern.You will have to use a fret board diagram until you have memorized the finger board.But just like chords after you do it a few hundred times it will become like second nature. Thats really all there is to it to figure out a different scale all you need to know is the step pattern for it.The rest of the scale pages will just have more examples and those ever so crucial step patterns for other scales.