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Intro to finger patterns

 Finger patterns are patterns that allow you to play a scale  in any key with out changing the finger pattern. This means that you only have to know one pattern per scale.There are eight on these pages. The numbers in the circles are the finger you use on that fret. If you look at a finger board diagram and pick the first note of the key you want to play in.You then start with your second finger on that fret and follow the pattern.Always start on the root note.

Here is an example this pattern is for major scales if you wanted to play the scale of  B major you would start on the sixth string 7th fret with your middle finger.Then ninth fret with your pinky.Then

Fifth string 6th fret with your index finger.You can mix these up and play them in any order and still be playing in that scale. Just as a suggestion you may want to pay attention to each note as you play these patterns and try to memorize them. Because sooner or later you will want to brake away from them.