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The blues barn-The jammin loops are awesome.If you dig the blues you gotta go check this one out.

Power Chords-Chord reference,Drop D tuning,power chords and more.

Tab seek-The number one place on the net to find guitar tabs.Fast!!

Guitar A great site for locating tablature and guitar related information They are highly recommended..

All Guitar Chords-: Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations.

The music spot- A large music directory for guitar stuff, mp3's and more

Guitar community- Get your free e-mail (you@guitar Plus tons of other guitar stuff.

Crossroads- Great lessons and learning related material.

Tabheaven- A great tabarchive lots of good guitar tabs.

Real guitar tabs-Guitar Tabs, Contests, Tips, Lessons, Links, Bands, and More"

Tab world online- The largest and fastest growing tablature archives on the web for alternative, hard rock, and other great guitar music!

Gregs midi tab- Get the tabs then jam out with the midi file for the song.

Cool Tabs -Only the coolest guitar tabs!

Alternative Tabs Online -For the best tabs, there is no alternative!

Atomic Tabs -Jam packed with over 2000 guitar tabs, this site will blow your mind!

Bandology-Guitar tabs, fan sites, merchandise, and info from every band! Growing fast!

Gregs midi & tabs-Tons of great tabs with midi tracks to play along with.

Acoustic guitar workshop:: A acoustic guitar site with many excellent features.They offer a lesson course that teaches some excellent fingerstyle blues and are not over priced.Best of all you get immediate access with no waiting.They focus mainly on fingerstyle.

Musicians news:An excellent guitar lessons and information page has a cool price watch section that is well worth looking at.

Digibid:Featuring an online auction of music gear and recording equipment.Everything sold has a 100% money back guarantee. They also guarantee some killer deals.

Alan This guy can play some excellent guitar.He has audio samples of his music and a great page that gives tons of good info on altered tunings.

Acoustic blues central:A great resource for anyone looking for info on the blues.Lots of great links.

Acoustic guitar notes-An assortment of guitar-related items from making to playing them.A good place to start if you are thinking of building a instrument.

Blue grass guitar::They offer up some good solid info on bluegrass.The tab section has very good tabs plus midi file so you can here how the melody goes.I learned black berry blossom from this site.(Very cool site).

Guitar-Masters: Comprehensive guitar Chords, Scales, Arpeggios, and Technique lessons in a free noncommercial setting.

Guitar-Primer:Providing an adult approach to learning the guitar using chord diagrams and extensive audio clips the student develops rapidly and with confidence.

Advanced Chord Concepts:A structured advanced guitar chord method that provides the user a solid foundation for continued progress in Jazz, Blues, Fusion, and Rock. College of Guitar Wisdom Free online guitar lessons using video, audio, MIDI and notation. Music links, Tablature and more.

Ultimate guitar page:: A page well done.Stop in and check out the riff of the week.

Guitar notes :: A superb searchable guitar directory You will find what you look for here.

Dubbel dam software:: They offer a awesome guitar tuner program that you can try free for 30 days.

Cowpie:: More country tabs then you can shake a strat at.

Harmony Central:: A massive music source with links to olga

Music@www:: A very nice music resource directory with lots of guitar links.

Olga index via H-c:: Lots of tab and chord pro.

Sun music company:: Folk music page.

Guitar Music of Carl Volk:: Jazz and Classical Guitar Music, descriptions of recordings, reviews, sound samples and many guitar links.

Bass lab:: Check it out.

waynes guitar page:: Nicely done some good links. - Independent Music and DJ resource database with MP3s and Real Audio. If you play a strat or want to know about one you need to check this site out.great links to other guitar resources also.

Guitarists network: An excellent resource for guitar players in general acoustic and electric.

Guitar Guru-A nicely done site well worth a visit.

Grubbster's Gear Links:The name says it all.

Rod's guitar page-: Tablature (rock, alternative...),chords, scales, lessons and more!

Guitar Riffin: A well done guitar lessons page.

Celtic guitar music-: Celtic guitar info including lessons books.

Steve Mc's Guitar Pages-: devoted to acoustic fingerstyle guitar and providing FREE tablature (tab) and the midi files to go with the tunes so you can hear them before you try to play them..

Plane Talk-:A quality book that puts it all in to focus.In plain language you can understand.

Guitar seek-: A guitar search engine that will find anything related to the guitar.

Kyles virtual guitar lessons-: A resource for beginning and frustrated guitar players who are looking to improve their guitar playing skills. I try to share things that have helped me and make it simple to understand

Crossroads-A new way to learn to play guitar with steaming videos, sound clips, tablature, live on-line lessons and much more...