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      Equipment a subject that is riddled with personal preference.I will try to out line what I consider to be essential equipment and offer A few Suggestions based on what I have come to understand over the years.
1.The guitar- yes a guitar is required equipment.I cant stress enough the importance of getting a guitar that is set up correctly and easy to play.(I believe that a bad guitar is a primary factor in many people deciding to give up playing).Try to stick to a well known brand name guitar.I really cant cover everything about name brands here so if you want to know more about that click here.
 I will say that if you are looking to buy shop around the price difference from store to store on the same guitar can be staggering.This is one of the wonderful things about the internet you can do all the comparison shopping in about 5 min. Using a place like my simon .com Just run a search on a guitar brand it will give you a list of retailers and usually a price also.
2. Tuner-Yes I consider this to be required equipment unless you have a golden ear for tuning and even if you do sooner or later you will want a tuner.Usually less then $20.Go get one.Never play a guitar out of tune!!!some body could get hurt
3.Picks-there are 3 standard picks thin ,thick and medium.Try them all and see what you like.I like to use thin for strumming and thick for lead and flatpicking.Keep a few of each around all the time .If you are like most they will get up and walk away at a staggering rate and it is frustrating not to be able to find a pick when you wanna play.
4.Strings-Three or four basic sets again .Heavy,medium, light and extra light.If you are just getting started I would recommend extra light gauge as it makes it easier to fret the guitar.I play those all the time anyway.(why make it hard on yourself) from there  a slew of reasons for the other gauges is available every reason from more volume and sustain with heavy sets to fret buzz with the lighter sets.other then to say use extra light as a beginner I really cant make a suggestion you just have to give them a try.I think you will find light or extra light will be most effective for the majority of you.