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  There are so many name brands of guitar.The high end of the scale would be Martin guitars and taylor guitars.But those guitars are some what expensive.I would suggest checking those two out first if you have $700 or more to spend.I know most don't want to spend that kinda money on a guitar and if it is your first guitar I wouldn't even suggest to spend that much.I will give a list of good name brands that are affordable at the end of this page.

  When you are shopping for a guitar a few things that you want to look for are

1.Action- This is probably the single most important factor .The action would be the distance between the string and the fret.How far the string has to travel before it contacts the fret. You want it to be as low as possible with out getting any fret buzz.This makes the guitar much easier to play.

2.Construction-This is not as important to the playability as it is to the sound.The only thing that I would be concerned with is that it has a solid top or sound board.These cost a little more but are often worth the extra $.If the guitar does not have a solid top it will have a laminated top. Laminated tops are used more then people realise.Many people think they have a solid top but in fact have a laminated top.I will tell you how to tell the difference in a moment.

 What ever way you go is up to you I would like to say that I played a cheap guitar  with a laminated top for about all of my playing years.That would be 17 years in total.I only recently invested in a high dollar guitar.I payed $150 for my cheap guitar and in my opinion it sounds better then some other guitars that my playing buddies use that cost them 3 to 4 hundred.Keep that in mind while you are looking.High price does not always point to a quality instrument.

Here is how to tell if a top is solid or laminated.It is quite simple.

  Look at the edge of the wood as it goes into the sound hole.If it is solid the grain of the wood will seem to rap around the edge and go into the guitar.A laminated top will not do this at all..

I will try to get some pictures together of solid and laminated tops.

 Here is the list of name brands .The list is in no way inclusive.If you feel I left A name of let me know.All of these have good guitars that are affordable.




epiphone(division of gibson)


That's all I can come up with .If you want to do a little price research on guitars check out my simon.When I use them I usually get about 20 guitar shops that have what I am looking for it will give you an idea on pricing.You must shop around or you will probably pay to much.A guitar that sells for 300 at one place can be as little as 170 at another shop.No kidding it is that dramatic.The banner below will take you to the section of my that is for comparison shopping of guitars.